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The Executive Council for Leading Change (ECLC)

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The Executive Council for Leading Change

The Executive Council for Leading Change (ECLC) is where executives advance their strategic leadership expertise in the realm of corporate change by connecting with other visionary leaders.

The ECLC is a place where senior executives responsible for significant change initiatives can collaborate, plan, and create practical solutions for intricate challenges in leading major shifts within large organizations.


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Actionable Insights from Peers

Member Eligibility Criteria:

Leading change initiatives within large organizations possesses its own unique set of challenges. As such, all of our members are: 

Accountable for change initiatives affecting 50% or more of their organization.

Orchestrating change in companies with 2,500+ employees.

SVPs, C-level executives, or of an equivalent title.

They are never consultants or vendors — our focus is on exchanging ideas and best practices amongst peers.

What to Expect:

The ECLC's mission is to create a community where leaders can excel in guiding their organizations, through:
• A series of 90-minute virtual roundtables centered on different topics.
• Webinars & AMAs to exchange and meet other influencial change leaders.
• In-person, small-group meetups available today in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, and Singapore. 
• 24/7 conversations and discussion groups.

Space is limited. Complete the form to reserve your seat!

The Topics 

Discussions you won't find anywhere else. We're diving into the hard-hitting challenges that come with leading organizational change. Here are some sample topics: 

Strategy & Planning

  • Aligning Multiple Business Units Toward Common Corporate Goals
  • Engaging Executive Teams for Active Change Commitment
  • Securing Resources for Major Organizational Shifts
  • Adapting Change Approaches Based on Urgency and Drivers
  • Capital Allocation in High-Stakes Change Scenarios
  • Securing Board Approval for Large-Scale Change Projects
  • Implementing Risk Assessment Protocols for Change

Stakeholder Engagement & Metrics

  • Overcoming Leadership Resistance to Secure Critical Peer Support
  • Mitigating Influence from Internal Actors Opposing Change
  • Identifying Key KPIs for Shifting Organizational Paradigms
  • Monitoring KPIs During Transitional Phases
  • Financial Modeling for Change Budget Approval
  • Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Global Change Initiatives
  • Establishing Ethical Boundaries in Fast-Paced Change Efforts

Execution & Impact

  • Change Impact Analysis on Employee Satisfaction
  • Assessing Employee Needs for Skill Adaptation in Change
  • Exit Strategies for Unsuccessful Change Initiatives
  • Coordinating Multiple Departments for Large-Scale Change Success

Upcoming Events 


Live Podcast Recording Session

Roundtable Topics

  • 10 May - Leading change around cultural transformation
  • 23 May - Leading a merger, acquisition or divestiture

Virtual Events

  • 17 May - Virtual Meetup and Happy Hour

In-Person Events


Live Podcast Recording Session

Roundtable Topics

  • 6 June - Empowering Frontline Managers to Lead Change
  • 13 June - Identifying and Cultivating Change Champions vs. Mitigating Sabotage Efforts
  • 18 June - Communication Deployment Across Different Stages of Change

In-Person Events

  • 5 June - Executive Dinner in NYC
  • 19 June - CXO Lunch with Felipe Daguila in Singapore
  • 28 June - CXO Lunch with Jaishankar Srinivasan in Singapore

You're in good company.

Connect with execs who've been in the trenches, leading the charge in high-stakes, cross-functional initiatives. And they are committed to shaking up the corporate world as much as you are!

This is your go-to community for support, inspiration, and a wealth of actionable strategies for driving transformation.



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Peer-Level Strategy,
Not Entry-Level Advice

Bring your most complex challenges—like how to balance people and profit margins while driving commercial success. Leave with a new mindset for driving change that goes beyond the surface. 

ECLC is for leaders that:

  • Wake up every morning energized by the challenges and opportunities to drive change, not just 'fit in' or 'move up.'
  • Are hell-bent on leaving a legacy that can't be contained in quarterly reports.
  • Are doer's, action-takers, and have battle scars from trying to break the mold.
  • Are at the helm of organizational change, steering your team toward uncharted waters.
  • Want to do all of the above, but you haven’t found the support network or blueprint to make it happen.

Set the Stage.

We kick off by talking about your views on change and leadership. 

Let's acknowledge the systemic issues head-on. The slow-moving orgs, the out-of-touch tools, the bureaucracy.

This isn't small talk; it's the big talk that sets the stage for transformation.


Meet your Peers.

Hear from execs who've replaced complacency with a better way, and are reshaping the future of business and leadership.

You've all been here, you've seen it all, and you're as tired as they are. 


Roundtable Discussions.

What needs to die or evolve in today's corporate world for us to drive meaningful change within an entire organization? This is where you voice it.

This is your safe space to vent, to plan, and then to act.

A Network That Matches Your Ambition.

Meet the rare breed of executives who are steering their teams toward uncharted waters, just like you. You're not alone in your ambitions to make a real impact.

What's In It For You:

Blueprint for Change: This is your support system and go-to resource for driving transformative change in your organization.

  1. Insider Strategies: Get the kind of high-level strategies that most execs guard like trade secrets. 

  2. Executive Network: Connect with the kind of execs who can help you pull off your most ambitious plans. Think of it as building your personal board of advisors.

  3. Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a curated set of tools, case studies, and resources that are usually reserved for C-suite insiders. 

Submit ECLC application to secure a spot. Limited availability.